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to you, the site visitor, for your interest in Boet Nel Hunting Safaris and the exceptional trophy hunting opportunities that our African home country, Namibia, provides.

We give credit to all the people and organisations that supported our safari business over the years in many different ways, in particular our customers many of whom became friends who still hunt with us on a regular basis.


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The members of our staff and support teams, numerous professional hunters who assisted us in Namibia, and our many service suppliers around the country - they all deserve a special thank you for their ongoing support and loyalty.

Larry and Robin Rivers, our US representatives, were and still are an almost endless source of support in getting our hunting business off the ground, right through to the success we enjoy today. Larry even created our first website with meaningful content


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in his scarce leisure time. Thank you - we could not have made it this far without you! 



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Credit is also due to the following organisations and individuals for their ongoing support of our course:

Namibian Professional Hunters Association



Safari Club International, USA



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Volker Bause & Inge Ohm,  both passionate hobby photographers based in Windhoek who contributed most of the Namibian scenery images and various other photos to our new website.



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We would like to spare you any legal fine print but we still are obliged to point out that:

- The information contained in this website was correct to the best of our knowledge when first published.

- Site visitors interested in booking hunting safaris with us are required to verify the validity of the information through other sources, as conditions, legal matters, etc. may change at any time and/or might be different for the potential client's home country.

- Boet Nel Hunting Safaris can also not be held responsible for the correctness of information obtained from websites we refer to in these pages.

- We will advise any changes applicable to Namibia only with our booking confirmations, if relevant to clients' visits of the country.


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THANK YOU for your interest in Boet Nel's classic fair-chase African
Trophy Hunting Safaris - we look forward to welcoming you in Namibia


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