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- Administrative Regions -

The Namibia Map below shows the country's 13 official Administrative Regions, as determined when Namibia became an independent republic in 1990.

The size of a region provides an indication of its population density - the smaller regions have the highest numbers of residents.

The Etosha National Park is located to the west of the town of Tsumeb / to the north of the town of Outjo.


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Above: Auas Mountains panorama near Windhoek


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Towns indicated on the map are, with very few exceptions, the only ones with a modern, municipal infrastructure, yet many of them only have about 2000-5000 inhabitants.


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Road Maps of Namibia are available from Boet Nel Hunting Safaris, at book shops and fuel stations around the country, and from your nearest NTB office


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Right: Typical Namibian Bushveld where open grasslands alternate with thorn-bush brush as seen below



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