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Travel Preparations & What to Bring

As a seasoned traveller and passionate hunter you are already well aware that preparing for hunting holidays in far-away countries can be quite a feat.
But you will also know that travelling WELL prepared and therefore with peace of mind is important for making the most of your trip - and for enjoying its success for a long time to come after returning home again.  


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Hunting holidays in Namibia, and elsewhere in Southern Africa for that matter, are no exceptions - an array of preparations have to be done at home and an array of things have to be packed for going along on safari.

With the information provided throughout our website, we hope that making arrangements for your hunt and holidays in Namibia will be as easy and swift for you as possible. We added a check list for the same reasons, however, please do not skip


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- CITES Animals

reading our various info pages as they cover important details that will not be repeated on the list and vice versa.

Our "Travel Check List" - attached to this page in PDF for fast downloading & easy printing - contains reminders on a broad variety of matters to take care of without claiming to be exhaustive.
Some listed items are covered in greater detail elsewhere on this site and therefore carry links to relevant pages.


Hunting Safaris

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Travel Preparations
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The Check List addresses "To Do" issues such as:

- Pre-Travel Arrangements

  See also e.g. health matters, visa, travelling with firearms, CITES

- The Basics of what to take on tour regarding

  * Documentations

      See also e.g. Boet Nel Safari contacts & location map,

      paperwork under PDF, proof of payments made

    * Equipment
        See also e.g. firearms & ammunition import regulations

           * Personal Items

        Such as medication, clothing, soft goods

All in all, the list of items you may want to check, prepare, pack, add to, and eventually tick off is 3 pages long and available for download as PDF file here.  


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Please let us have your suggestions for
important information to add to this page & critical items to add to the check list!

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