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Namibia Hunting Season

The annual hunting season in Namibia covers the period from 1 February until 30 November.

The first 10 weeks still fall into the main summer rainfall season of the southern hemisphere. But due to Namibia's specific geographic location and prevailing climate conditions, rain mostly occurs sporadic, as short showers during late afternoon and night-time hours. Most of the days are sunny with bright blue skies. Summers without rain for weeks on end are not unusual either.


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From about mid-April, a brief autumn soon turns into winter that lasts for only 2-3 months.

The Southern African winter is characterised by low night-time & moderate day-time temperatures as well as extremely dry and cloudless, sunny weather conditions.

Towards the end of August, temperatures start rising again during a short spring season, and October usually marks the beginning of summer, with a warm to hot yet commonly still dry climate.


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Namibia Hunting Conditions & Climate

created by these seasonal changes and climate conditions:

February - March = Hartebeest rut season / Good hunting / 12-28 C

April - August = Kudu & Warthog rut season / Very good hunting / 5-20 C

(August is usually rather windy but still good hunting!)

September - October = Good hunting / 10-25 C

November = Good hunting but hot / 15-32 C

Leopard hunt:
The best period for leopard hunting is April to October,  as the animals are moving around frequently. Only very cold spells in winter can make them less active for a few days.


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Vegetation along river bed


Clothing & Visibility

We recommend the following clothing due to changing vegetation density and visibility conditions during the hunting season:

February - May:

Camouflage clothing, mainly in green colours.

The vegetation is denser during this period, and game is not as easy to spot as during winter.

May - November:

Camouflage clothing, mainly in brown colours.

Game visibility is 50 - 200 yards on average in most hunting areas, and greater in mountains & Kalahari terrains.

In general, light hunting/safari wear incl. warm windbreaker and jersey is required. Comfortable, worn-in walking boots, a cap/hat, and sun protection lotion are a must!
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Best Namibian Hunting Areas

& Their Game Populations

Our home area north of Witvlei/Gobabis, where Boet Nel's safari base camp is situated, has got the country's highest concentration of antelope species such as kudu, gemsbok, and hartebeest, as well as of warthog.

Here, we also hunt eland but alternating with areas in Namibia's northern-eastern centre, around the towns of Otjiwarongo, Otavi, and Grootfontein.

To the south of our home base, in the Kalahari, springbok is found in great numbers, next to good numbers of blessbuck.


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Grass condition during
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Grass condition towards the end of summer, after good rainfalls

The Khomas Highlands to the west of the capital, Windhoek, is the natural habitat of Hartmann mountain zebra, kudu, oryx, leopard, baboon and klipspringer.

Klipspringer can only be hunted on a special permit due to a quota system to control their numbers.

Combined big game and plains game hunts are best done in the north-west, which we introduce with our page on the Ehirovipuka Concession, Kunene Region.

Take a look at a complete list of huntable species per area.


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