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Travelling to Namibia With Firearms

In order to ensure that your African hunting  holidays start off with a relaxing and enjoyable journey on long-haul flights and through transit airports already, we recommend keeping the following advice in mind when travelling  with firearms to Namibia:


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INSURANCE - Take out full insurance for all firearms (also travel insurance incl. medical cover for yourself and your travel companions), prior to travelling anywhere in Africa.

SELECTION OF FLIGHTS/CARRIERS - Regardless of where you commence your travel to Namibia, Boet Nel Safaris suggest utilising Air Namibia's direct flight services between Frankfurt, Germany (alternatively: London, UK) and the Hosea Kutako International Airport near Windhoek. This will minimise delays associated with firearm transport. 

Also request from your travel agent to verify, - before air tickets are paid for and issued -,


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that all airlines involved in your journey to Namibia will permit checking through your firearm/s, from your place of original departure all the way to Windhoek.

TRAVELLING TO NAMIBIA VIA SOUTH AFRICA - If travelling via South Africa to Namibia cannot be avoided, please take note of the specific information provided below, under "Procedures".
Revised regulations have made travelling with firearms a time-consuming process when entering South Africa.

If possible, stay in transit, but plan to have plenty of stop-over time between connecting flights anyway, if not.


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A SAMPLE of Namibia's Rifle Import Permit application form is available for download
as PDF file (245 KB)

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or go to our PDF page to select more downloads


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- All bags have to be adequately marked with name tags.

- Transport each rifle unloaded in its own sturdy carry case.

- Transport ammunition separately, in a lockable container.

- At your departure airport, insist that firearm/s and ammunition are checked through all the way to WDH

(WDH = Hosea Kutako International, Windhoek, Namibia).

- Verify that luggage tags issued at check-in stipulate the correct AND complete baggage routing, e.g. New York - Frankfurt - Windhoek (= JFK - FRA - WDH)

or e.g. Atlanta - Johannesburg - Windhoek, in case you do have to travel via South Africa.

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PROCEDURES ... continued

If airlines used to travel to South Africa do not have baggage agreements with South African Airways, you will have to clear customs in South Africa and be forced to deal with their very complicated and restrictive firearms regulations.

You will be restricted to 1 firearm only!

You will have to have at least 3-4 hours time IN ADDITION to normal transit times to deal with the SA formalities!

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The highest sand dunes on earth at Sossusvlei in the southern Namib Desert

that became the synonym of our home country Namibia


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PROCEDURES ... continued

- On check-in, please physically check baggage tags to ensure that they are correctly printed AND firmly attached to your luggage.

Ask your travel agent whether colourful "in transit tags" are necessary when travelling through another country.

We trust that following these recommendations will make your travelling to Namibia with firearms hassle-free and truly enjoyable, from wherever you are at home!


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