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Namibia Firearms Import Regulations


MINIMUM MUZZLE ENERGY is prescribed by law as follows:

a. 3983 foot pounds - buffalo

b. 1992 foot pounds - for eland, kudu, gemsbok, hartebeest, wildebeest, and game of similar size

c. 996 foot pounds - for springbok and smaller game

For categories b. & c. no solids may be used.


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AMMUNITION - A maximum of 100 rounds may be imported per hunting rifle.

Only ammunition for the specific calibre may be imported.

- It is LEGAL to hunt with black powder rifles in Namibia.

It is ILLEGAL to transport black powder and percussion caps on flights.

These can be purchased in Namibia. Please inquire with your trophy hunting operator.


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BOW HUNTING - It is legal to import bows for bow-hunting purposes. No permit is required, however certain regulations do apply.

PROHIBITED FIREARMS - no import permitted!

- All handguns

- All automatic firearms

- All crossbows

- Hunters entering Namibia with one or more rifles must complete a temporary import permit


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application form for all rifles and/or ammunition in their possession. The form is available at customs upon arrival and easy to complete. No advance preparation on your part is required.

You will need to know the make & model of each of your firearms and their individual serial numbers, as well as the number of rounds of ammunition you are carrying in your luggage for each firearm.

Please note: Even though the Namibian law to our knowledge does not limit the number of firearms, customs officials occasionally advised travellers that only 1 rifle and 1 shotgun are permitted per person. According to our experience, this limitation was not enforced (probably because it does not exist) but customs cleared clients who had chosen to bring more than one hunting rifle.


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Our Suggestions For Selecting Your Rifle

We recommend a minimum rifle calibre in the range of 7x64 or 30-06. A rifle in the power range of the 300 Winchester or 7mm Remington should be preferred, but one up to the .375 H&H will do well on most game for those who enjoy shooting it.

Shooting distances generally range between 100 and 300 meters (110 to 325 yards). Visibility during the months of February to May tend to be more restricted than between June and November, due to foliage.

If you are visiting late in the season and enjoy bird hunting ...


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Nest of social weaver birds


... consider bringing a shotgun of 20 gauge or larger. We do however not hunt bird species during their individual nesting periods, which take place from March to May.

Most shooting will be done from shooting sticks as the grass can be tall, and brush restricts your view when sitting or laying prone. We carry a supply of suitable shooting sticks for our customers at all times, which are quickly to adjust for all heights. View more photos of common field conditions

You do not need to bring along any of the commercial sticks commonly seen in sporting goods stores, as they usually are inadequate for hunting in Namibia.


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