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Boet Nel was born in the western Erongo Region of Namibia, in the town of Omaruru, in 1961. He grew up on a ranch rich with wildlife, and received his first pellet gun at the age of six. He shot his first Kudu Bull with a 30-06 at the age of eight. From then on, he was enthralled with hunting.

He began taking big game like Kudu, Gemsbok and Springbok to fill the table needs of his family and for sale to the local markets, as is the custom in Namibia.


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His family became concerned though because hunting was all that he appeared to be interested in. When Boet started spending every available moment in the bush, his father found it necessary to hire a Bushman to accompany him on his hunting expeditions just to be sure that he returned home in the evenings. This not only provided a reliable safety factor but valuable training experiences at the same time.

shot 26 kudu in his very first year, next to good number of gemsbok and springbuck.


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He spent nearly every day in the bush and on the weekends he would disappear completely.

Boet was only twelve years old when his father passed away. In the following year, he was sent off to Secondary School, to Kroonstad Agriculture High in South Africa. It was here, that he came to know his uncle, John Joubert, a lot better. Uncle John was a big game hunter who had a large gun shop and hunted all over Africa. He became a mentor and father figure to Boet, and a person with whom he would share many camp fires and experiences in the years to come.


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John Joubert opened the hunting world in a new way to Boet - the previously unknown world of Trophy Hunting.

After graduating from school, Boet joined the South African Defence Force and was selected for service in the Special Forces where he become a Corporal in the 1st Parachute Battalion. He spent two years in active duty fighting in the Namibian and Angolan Bush War, in the early 1980's.

Back home again, he first worked on the family ranch and then as an apprentice PH. After becoming a Professional Hunter in 1984, he took up his first employment, hunting for the well known outfitter, Ben Nolte.

Another five years later, Boet began working as a freelance PH for Mr. Jan Oelofse of Mount Etjo Safaris, before he moved to Gobabis, in eastern Namibia.


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Here, in the Omaheke Region, he began cattle farming for himself, and taking on freelance hunting assignments for various safari companies. By this time, his own family had grown by three sons: Guillaume, Ian, and Liam. In 1992, when the boys were only seven, five, and three years old respectively, Boet's wife passed away in a tragic car accident. Left alone with the responsibility of raising three young children, he was no longer able to hunt full time. That year, he only did the twelve safaris required as a minimum to keep his hunting license.

In 1995, his mother moved to Gobabis to help take care of the boys, enabling Boet to start freelancing full time again.



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In 1997, he started Boet Nel Hunting Safaris and building a steady clientele of mainly European hunters. He also began to donate hunt to the SCI Chapters in the United States and received h
is first American Hunters, in 1999.

In 2000, Boet met the new love of his life, Karen, and they have a daughter, Kayli, born in 2006.


Boet says: "Together we are a great team!"


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Boet's great passion for hunting, since childhood days, led him to become one

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