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Greater Kudu

Boet Nel Hunting Safaris is one of the most respected companies in Namibia, offering classic African hunting safaris in areas that are totally free of game fences.
Our hunts are based at either modern lodges or traditional camps carefully selected to servicing top quality hunting areas.
We hunt fair chase for the numerous free-roaming game species found across our concessions.


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We are a hunting establishment where hunting and conservation compliment one another, where all game runs wild and free and where you will find Leopard, Cheetah as well as a wealth of Plains Game.
Well organized camps and large game populations assure that every Safari will be enjoyable and productive. 
Unforgettable African Hunting Safaris in the traditional sense.


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Located on the south-west coast of Africa, Namibia boasts the lowest human population density of any country on the African Continent and the highest game density, which makes for exceptional hunting.
Our country values the Safari trade which is reflected in the quality and quantity of the hunting available for you to enjoy.
The main lodge and camps are located on the edge of the Kalahari Desert where quality game is abundant and roams unrestricted by game fences.

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Namibia is safe, clean and politically stabile. The cities are modern, and English is the official language.

We are proud to practice our legendary profession and you will enjoy the benefits. We invite you to take a good look at Boet Nel Safaris, and to contact us with any questions. You will see what makes our safaris stand above the rest.

If you allow us to be your host; you will receive our personal attention in a friendly atmosphere while you enjoy exceptional hunting activities and endless photographic opportunities.

We especially would like to point out that families are always welcome, as are young hunters! We take great pleasure in assisting as you introduce your children to the world of ethical and traditional hunting.


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A tree-sized aloe amongst giant boulders on the vast plains of southern Namibia


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We realize that Africa and Namibia are far from your home and that you have a multitude of questions on everything from weather, to medical concerns, and from flights to firearms regulations. This site is here to help you specifically with hunts planned into Namibia. When we find that additional subjects are coming up on a regular basis, we add that information to the site to help everyone.

We hope you will allow us to organize your safari, but even if you have already booked elsewhere, please feel free to visit often to find the information you need. Remember however that this information is only valid for Namibia and will not apply to other latitudes and countries in Africa.

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Etosha National Park


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To make your hunt a reality you only need to drop us an e-mail or pick up the phone and call.

After that we will look forward to meeting you in Africa and counting you among our friends.


Boet and Karen Nel

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